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Shanghaied in Shanghai

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is where culture of the Far East meets commerce and economics of the West.  Cutting edge technology and architecture blended together with ancient tradition and style, the city has a dynamic feel like no other. Shanghai boasts a tremendous amount to do and see. Here are five suggestions and ideas of things to do in the World’s biggest city.

1. The Bund – A stroll down The Bund is a must do during any trip to Shanghai. The Bund has been at the center of Shanghai’s historic rise. The buildings and wharves along the river front were fundamental in the growth of the city. Banks, trading houses and government institutions are the majority of business found there now. From late afternoon into the evening is a great time to walk The Bund. Come sit, relax  and people watch. Witness the beautiful skyline across the river come alive!

2. Dongtai Rd – If you’re looking for souvenirs look no further than Dongtai Rd. A two-block oasis for all things antique. You can find just about anything here from Mao memorabilia to junk and treasures. Dusty streets are lined with vendors stalls full of wares. Hanging above is laundry drying on bamboo poles and telephone wires. Truly a contrast to other parts of the city. Bring cash and be prepared to ruthlessly bargain!

3. Pudong – Pudong is home to the Shanghai Stock Exchange and many other of Shanghai’s best-known buildings. The Oriental Pearl Tower and the worlds second tallest building, The Shanghai World Financial Center, are located here. These modern skyscrapers face directly across from the historic Bund. I recommend taking The Bund sightseeing tunnel to get to Pudong. The tunnel goes right under the ruver and is a cool “gondola-ish” ride with wild puppets and psychedelic music.

4. Jing’an Temple – The Temple of Peace and tranquility. This Buddhist temple is one of the most famous in Shanghai. Estimated to have been built as early as 274 A.D, it pre-dates the city. The original temple was destroyed during warring years and rebuilt in 1880. A large number of historic relics are housed here; for example a Ming Dynasty copper bell weighing 3.5 tons and a Jade Buddha which is the largest sitting jade Buddha statue in the country. Originally sitting near Suzhou Creek it is now located on the metro line in one of the busiest districts, very easy to find.

5.  Street Food Stalls – Down “Old Shanghai Street” just behind Yu Yuan Gardens is a street food bonanza that will make your taste buds come alive. Thronged with delicious food and snacks from all over China, you are sure to find some tasty treats. Easy on the pocketbook and and definitely good eating!

5a. PowerKicK! – A PowerKicK is a must do activity in ANY city, Shanghai  provides many world class backdrops. On The Bund, across the river from the “Wall Street of the Orient” seemed to be a picturesque location. Height, Form, Facial Expression, Location….Check! Blue Horseshoe LOVES PowerKicK.




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