Blog — 25 November 2011

Thanksgiving is that time of year when the whole family comes together. Turkey, or Turkeys, are cooked along with all the trimmings, the house seems to have never smelt so good. Everyone spends time together talking, watching sporting matches on T.V or helping out in the kitchen. Whether it is said aloud or not, it’s clear everyone is thankful to have a family to spend the day with, for food to eat and a place to call home. Then the feast begins. More often than not the feast is not over until all the food is gone, you can’t walk or your stomach is about to burst. Then it’s time for desert!

This is my second Thanksgiving abroad, in Thailand, and my fourth American Holiday abroad. Occasionally in another country the ‘holiday’ can just be another day. In Bangkok, with a large expat population, the holiday takes a more homelike feel. It’s your surrogate family abroad of friends and other expats who you spend Turkey Day with; thankful for the opportunity to be abroad and have good friends to share the day/meal with. While the day is not a holiday from work and there is no Thanksgiving Day parade in the morning followed by football, Bangkok does provide feasting. Many of the 5 Star hotels, and other restaurants around town put on all you can eat buffets that include everything you would see at home. Dark meat, white meat, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, gravy, stuffing, green beans and cranberry sauce all grace the menu. They have desert covered as well, with pumpkin pie, pecan pie, ice cream and brownies. Just like home, you can keep going back until your eyes fill up with gravy! The only down side is there are no leftovers to take home for the traditional day after turkey sandwiches.

As for sports, in the morning and early afternoon as you prepare your stomach for the feeding you can find college basketball and soccer, ‘football’, on T.V. The American football games don’t come on until late in the evening or very early the next morning. This gives you the luxury to head home, fall into the tryptophan food coma and wake up just in time for kick-off. We may have left our homes to experience other countries and cultures, but we’ve taken our traditions with us. Thanksgiving is a holiday that no matter where you are, you can most likely find another expat to share a meal with and what you are thankful for. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving at home or abroad!




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