Jump For A Cause

Over the last 2 years I’ve been volunteering my weekends with the kids at Mercy Centre in Bangkok. Mercy takes in kids who have been living on the streets of Bangkok and outer provinces, those who come from broken homes as well as those from families who simply don’t earn enough to support them. Mercy brings them into their family and provides food, shelter, clothing and an education. Through the care of Mercy Centre these kids are given love and the opportunity to build a better life.

With minimal support from the government all funding for the Centre comes through private donations. To build awareness Mercy is teaming up with the Jump For A Cause fundraiser to get their name out there as well as raise money for the kids.

I’m always up for adventure and to do what I can to help the kids at Mercy so, I’ve decided to participate in the fundraiser. The basic idea is: raise money for a good cause and earn a skydiving jump into the skies of Asia. My goal is to raise 60,000 Baht (roughly $2,000) by Sunday June 9, 2013.

If I reach my goal here is where the donations will go (and if I don’t reach my goal all funds donated will be given directly to Mercy and skydiving will have to wait til another day):

        • 8,950 Baht will go towards skydiving. Since I’m a volunteer this is a discounted rate and includes photos and video that will be used to help promote Mercy Centre.


        • 60,000 Baht (roughly $2,000) will be donated directly to the kids of Mercy Centre.


      • To kick things off and put some skin in the game I’m donating the first 8,950 Baht.

These donations are going directly to Mercy Centre and will be used to strengthen the education system for the kids. The money will be used to buy books, modernize classrooms and help get some kids new school uniforms.

I’ll be updating the the progress here frequently, so please check-in often to see how it’s going.

If you feel like you want to contribute to Mercy’s cause you can click the button below to securely donate any amount you like via paypal. Every little bit helps!

Fundraiser is complete, thank you for all the donations! Check out the final Jump For A Cause

From myself and all the kids at Mercy Centre we thank you for your kindness and support.