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June 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

Flying from Bangkok to Tokyo, then on to Honolulu I couldn’t wait to be back on the island of Oahu and get my toes in the warm sand of Waikiki Beach. It’s been about 5 years [...]

May 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

Mid-April in Thailand is home to both the country’s hottest and wettest week of the year, as well as the world’s biggest water fight. Every year, during the week of April 13th – 15th, the Buddhist [...]

April 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

The first time I read the quote I was immediately in agreement; and although to this day the author remains unknown, his words “Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul” resonate deep with [...]

March 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

The first thought that raced through my head after crashing my motorcycle on the streets of Bangkok was “GET UP, GET UP” before becoming road kill in the morning rush hour traffic. Wheeling my bike to [...]

February 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

A little over three years ago I arrived in Bangkok a neophyte to the international world. As I navigated my way from the airport to the Hua Lampong train station, I can still remember the feeling [...]

January 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

Whenever visitors come to Thailand I always enjoy the challenge of trying to find a few new places to explore, both to stay fresh as a tour guide and to show people a place or two [...]

December 2013 PowerKicK Of The Month

This being my first time in Eastern Europe, I was excited to do some sightseeing after presenting my thesis paper in Bucharest. Home to both monolithic buildings as well as old and elegant architecture, the city [...]

November 2013 PowerKicK of the Month

After a botched visa extension at the immigration office by the HR department at my university, I was forced to leave Thailand to renew my visa. Since this took place during the teaching semester I didn’t [...]

October 2013 PowerKicK Of The Month

As I prepared for my ride I really had no idea where I was going. It was my first big ride south and from what I’d heard about Ranong I knew it was 575km and around [...]

September 2013 PowerKicK Of The Month

Surrounded by malls, skyscrapers and continuous traffic, the 142 acres of Lumpini Park are popular among both locals and expats looking to escape the controlled chaos of Bangkok. The park’s oasis of greenery is a rare [...]