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Helicopter Over Oahu

After 2 years of living on the island of Oahu I was sure there was no better way to soak up the island paradise than sitting with my toes in the sand on the beach in [...]

May 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

Mid-April in Thailand is home to both the country’s hottest and wettest week of the year, as well as the world’s biggest water fight. Every year, during the week of April 13th – 15th, the Buddhist [...]

Bike The Golden Gate Bridge

A trip to San Francisco isn’t complete without sitting on the dock of the bay and taking in the City’s most iconic sight, The Golden Gate Bridge. Admiring the bridge from a distance, either in the [...]

Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

With their upset victory in the famous 1976 Judgment of Paris, Chateau Montelena set off a wine revolution whose ripple effects would continue for decades. The victory not only established Napa Valley as a preeminent wine [...]

Songkran in Nan

Monsoon season in Thailand typically runs from May – November, and while the rains can come down daily like clockwork; some argue that the wettest week in the country is still found in mid April. The [...]

April 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

The first time I read the quote I was immediately in agreement; and although to this day the author remains unknown, his words “Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul” resonate deep with [...]

Mae Hong Son Motorcycle Loop: Mae Sot to Mae Hong Son

The western portion of the Mae Hong Son motorcycle loop in northern Thailand, from Mae Sot to Mae Hong Son, is an absolute riders paradise. It’s 398km of euphoric riding cuts through multiple terrains, from beautiful [...]

Becoming A Buddhist Monk In Thailand

Shortly after living in Bangkok, one soon realizes the true nature of the city’s transient population. Whether its English teachers passing through on 1 year contracts, expats on business assignments or wandering travelers floating north to [...]

How To Spend A Day In Ayutthaya

For 417 years the ancient island-city of Ayutthaya was the capital of the most wealthy, culturally diverse and militarily dominant Kingdom in Siam, the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. With its three palaces and over 400 temples, accounts [...]

March 2014 PowerKicK Of The Month

The first thought that raced through my head after crashing my motorcycle on the streets of Bangkok was “GET UP, GET UP” before becoming road kill in the morning rush hour traffic. Wheeling my bike to [...]