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The Liebster Blog Award is one of the best ways to discover new blogs and to get to know other bloggers. The award is not like an Oscar or an Emmy, and actually there’s not any sort of physical trophy at all. It’s more along the lines of a blogger chain letter circulating through the blog-o-sphere. I was recently nominated by Justin Jones, the author of the blog and founder of

The hook with a nomination is, once you’ve answered 11 questions about yourself (this number can vary from nomination to nomination), you’re then supposed to nominate 11 other bloggers to do the same. So, to keep the train moving, here’s a bit about me from the questions Justin asked and my 11 blogger nominations.

1.  If you could choose ONE country to live in, which one would it be.

Well, right now I’m living in Thailand. I’ve been in Bangkok for a little over two years and really enjoy the Thai life. The accessibility of amazing destinations, fantastic food and kind people put Thailand high on my list. I’ve done some traveling to the south and really enjoyed it. I could definitely see myself putting roots down there.

2.  What experience have you missed out on while traveling and regretted it?

Since I’ve been away friends back home have pushed on with work and life and are entering the more traditional ‘settling down’ phases of life. Being away, one thing I’ve regretted missing out on were the weddings of some good friends. On a bright note though, I will be heading home in May of this year for my older brother’s wedding which I’m really looking forward to.

3.  Do you like to travel alone or with a companion?

When our schedules overlap I do enjoy traveling with friends in and around Thailand, but most of my traveling is done solo. For me traveling solo is fun as it’s great for relaxing, reading, writing and also provides the chance to meet new people.

4.  What is a HIGHLIGHT of your travels so far?

Hmmm…Zip-lining in India, night scuba diving in Thailand and motorcycling the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam were definitely some great experiences. One that really sticks out though would have to be visiting an unrestored section of the Great Wall in China. Seeing the expanse of it and trying to wrap my mind around the time and sacrifice it took to build was surreal. It really is an amazing feat.

5.  What is the next country that you would like to visit?

South America ranks high on my travel plans and I’d really like to visit Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. This may be off in the future, so, right now I’ll say Taiwan. It’s close to Thailand and I’d really enjoy checking out their street food scene.

6.  Who is your favorite photographer?

Living in both San Diego and Hawaii I’ve spent a lot of time by the beach. When I think of photography my mind immediately goes to surf photography. I enjoy viewing Jeff Divine’s photos and I think he does an awesome job capturing the spirit of surfing.

7.  What social networks do you use, and why do you prefer them?

Facebook has been the best way for me to keep in contact with friends, family and for sharing my site. I will admit to being a bit of a Twitter rookie. I am, however, getting more into it and learning its power for finding and sharing information. Sharing is caring so please Like me and Follow me!

8.  What is the weirdest thing that you ate on your travels?

I’ve eaten scorpions in both China and here in Thailand. I keep telling myself they’re going to taste better than they look but every time its the same crispy, mouth-drying experience. I need to either cut my losses with the scorpions and move on to another insect or try and find a gourmet chef who can make it a delicacy.

9.  Favorite food from a foreign country?

Mexican is an all time favorite of mine and back home I would never pass up an opportunity for a Carne Asada burrito. While traveling though I have to say the Frankies in Mumbai, India are for sure one of my all time favorites. I think the street cart vendor got tired of making them for me every day, but I couldn’t get enough!

10.  What do you hate the most about flying overseas?

When my seat seems to be the only one in the row where the TV is stuck on the channel with the tiny plane flying that shows the distance and time til the destination. This has happened to me three times and makes the flight seem a lot longer.

11.  What does traveling mean to you?

To me traveling means leaving the comforts & security of home behind to discover new destinations and experience new cultures while learning about the world and yourself. For me traveling is an opportunity to gain the knowledge and perspective necessary to grow and become a better person.

Finally, here are my 11 travel blog nominations:

One Step 4 Ward, Around the World in 80 Jobs, Travel Junkette, Four Jandals, Pause The Moment, Migrationology, Nomadic NotesLand Lopers, Grand Tourismo Travels, Alex in Wanderland and Captain and Clark.

If you’re up for sharing go ahead and answer the same 11 questions here, or feel free to swap in some of your own. Don’t forget to nominate 11 of your favorite travel bloggers to keep the Liebster alive!




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