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The Home Made Cheeseburger with “Bacon”

The Audrey Cafe and Bistro is hidden down Soi 11 in Bangkok’s Thong Lor neighborhood, and unless you were looking for this quiet neighborhood Hi-so hangout you might just miss it. With its slight European atmosphere, resembling the dining quarters in the mansion of a business tycoon mixed with the inside of a dollhouse, it certainly has a unique feel. The spotless interior of marble tables, all white furniture and black and white stripped wallpaper exudes the feeling of a 5-star establishment. Audrey’s offers an extensive menu of international cuisines ranging from Thai staples to Western favorites like lasagna and a burger.

Sitting at item #75 on the menu is The Home Made Cheeseburger for 230 Baht ($7.50). All burger patties are made in-house from Thai beef and each comes to the table weighing in at 220g. The patties are a combination of salt, pepper and the chef’s ‘special seasoning,’ which he keeps confidential. I settled on The Home Made Cheeseburger and ordered it cooked medium rare, with cheddar cheese and bacon. It couldn’t have been more than 10 min before the burger was whisked over to the table, just in time to satisfy my hunger.

The burger arrived placed neatly on a cutting block with a side of french fries, a small salad and a radish. My order of bacon on the burger was apparently lost in translation as what came to the table as ‘bacon’ were actually two pieces of ham. This definitely made for a different twist to the traditional ‘bacon cheeseburger.’

The burger was stacked tall and the layers of crisp lettuce, fresh cut tomato, onion, thousand island dressing, burger patty, ham and cheese were held together tightly with a skewer. The patty was placed smack in the middle, however, a bit hidden between the blanket of ‘bacon’ and the thick slice of onion. At first appearance it looked taste-tastic and I was ready to dive in.

Hoping to get all the condiments, burger and bun together in bite number one, I pulled out the skewer, placed a palm on top and attempted to flatten out the stack. My efforts were rewarded and my first bite was a chock-full combination. The semi-toasted bun crumbled, and the crisp lettuce, tomato and onion crackled as I sank my teeth in.

Biting through the ham and cheese I finally made it to the burger. The sweet flavor from the thousand island dressing provided a nice zing to the first bite. I was however, slightly underwhelmed with the burger. There was no explosion of juices from the patty and it was a bit bland and dry. Since the cheese was on top of the ham it wasn’t melted on the burger, which could have had an effect on the overall juiciness. The saltiness of the ham added some extra flavor which heightened the taste and brought me back for my next bite. The sweet flavor and crunchiness of the bun were nice additions and it held together well all the way through.

As far as burgers go, the Audrey Cafe and Bistro is pretty middle of the road. I wouldn’t say it’s a grand slam but I wouldn’t call it a strike out either. If you’re in the mood for a tasty meal and a slightly upscale, neighborhoody environment then this is your place. The staff is quick and attentive and it’s worth a visit just to check out their outfits, which resemble French maid and butler attire. It’ll definitely give you the feeling of climbing up the social ladder a rung or two. They’re open daily from 11am – 10 pm serving lunch and dinner, and for those with a sweet tooth be sure to check out their fantastic dessert options.

Score Card

Burger Juiciness –  2/5

Bun Goodness –  4/5

Cheesy Madness –  2/5

Overall Tastiness –  3/5

Price –  4/5

Overall Rating – 3/5







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