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Who doesn’t love a water park? Laughter from pure enjoyment, screams of excitement and ear to ear smiles; it’s a place where even the biggest of kids can have a great time. When you have a summer birthday there isn’t a better place to go with friends and family to escape the heat, play in the water and enjoy the day. This is how I celebrated my birthday this past weekend in Bangkok. A few friends and I headed about 25 min out of town to the Khan Na Yao district to visit Siam Park City or ‘Suan Siam’ as it’s called in Thai. The park is a combination amusement and water park. In the Guinness Book of World Records  their wave pool, Talay Krung Thep, holds the title as Asia’s largest.

To enter the park you initially walk through what looks like a giant castle, and it’s easy to immediately feel like a kid again. Hearing the sounds of the roller coasters and talking about what water slides we were going to go down first had me overflowing with excitement. As we got our tickets, unlimited rides for 900 Baht, and headed to get settled I couldn’t stop smiling. Lining the sides of the lazy river, which wraps through the water slides, are beach chairs and tables. Prior to taking our first trip down the Speed Slide, we put down our things, cranked on some tunes, kicked back in our chairs and cheers’d a celebratory Leo. The park sells food and beer, both Heineken and Leo, at snack shacks and a mini-mart they have mixed amongst the rides.

Before ascending 75-feet to the top of the Speed Slide we went to the landing pool to see what we were getting into. We watched a few groups come down and immediately noticed high speeds, people catching air as they hit the second bump on the slide and riders hydroplaning across the landing pool when they hit the water at the end. We turned to each other with smiles of excitement and wide-eyed looks of ‘is this for real!’  We decided it was our turn and headed to the top. Sitting 4 across at the top of the slide we were ready to go. 1-2-3 and we were off. Picking up speed fast, water was flying everywhere. I can confirm that when hitting the second bump at full speed you do go airborne. It’s a bit scary because each slide is pretty narrow and you need to stick the landing or else you might smack the rails. I was at top speed when I hit the landing pool and also hydroplaned for what felt like 100 yards before finally rolling over to stop myself before I flew out of the pool. We got out, looked at each other and said “AWESOME!!” Taking advantage of absolutely no lines we ran to the top and did it all over again.

After speeding down the Speed Slide and going down the 4 spiraling slides of the Super Spiral, we were ready to chill out before making our way to the roller coasters. As we were sitting and relaxing over a few more beers we could see a pre-monsoon season storm brewing off in the distance. We decided to head to the coasters and get some rides in before the storm moved our way.

First stop, The Vortex. A metal maze of twists and turns that has the ability to turn your face white with fright. Once strapped into the seats the bottom drops out and you sit suspended, feet dangling, as the coaster pulls out and slowly climbs to the top. Just before dropping into 5 loops and a few other big drops you can see out in the distance. We saw the black clouds and a wall of water approaching fast. As we sped along the tracks I had a white knuckle grip as we flipped upside down and twisted through the corkscrew. Again, with no lines we had the ride to ourselves and were able to ride up-front making it even more exciting. Seeing the rain quickly approaching we rolled the dice and went on a few more rides. We were able to get dropped from 75 feet in the air on the Giant Drop as well as ride the Boomerang  which shoots you forward and backwards through 2 loops before we were caught in the deluge of the storm. Due to the turn in the weather we had to pack up early and head for home. Weather included, it was a great Birthday!

If you have a free day in Bangkok and want to escape the heat or experience something different from the malls, markets and temples I recommend heading to Siam Park City. The park is open everyday; water park is open from 10am – 6pm and the amusement park is open from 11am until 10pm.

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